Friends of

Manor Gardens & Gildredge Park

Principal Aim:


The aim of The Friends is to restore and improve the quality of the Gardens and Park, with their various open spaces, for the enjoyment and benefit of all users of Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park.


Definition of Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park:

See attached maps.



Specific Aims:


1)To influence, and raise funding for, improvements to Gardens and Park.

2)To work with Eastbourne Borough Council and other government bodies over the management of, maintenance of, and development of, the Gardens and Park.


3)To make certain that the Friends Group is representative of the community, in terms of age, and in all other ways.

4)To do our best to encourage the authorities responsible for both Gardens and Park to ensure they are safe, open to all, and remain communal spaces valuable to all residents, now and in the future.

5)To do our best to see the Gardens and Park remain available to all, and safe for all.

6)To do our best to enhance and preserve foliage and wild life, conserve heritage property and maintain play and sporting facilities.




The Friends will consist of paid-up members who agree to help advance all these principal aims.There will be no specific representatives of special interest groups; everyone will be welcome to join, as individual members, provided they are eager to support the Friend’s specific aims. Membership shall be on payment of a reasonable registration fee, the amount to be agreedfrom time to time by the membership, but for the year 2011/2012 will be £5 per annum.


The Committee: This will consist of:


1.Chair/Joint Chairs


3.Membership Secretary


5.Up to five committee members


Election to this committee shall be by annual election, at an Annual General Meeting of the then current members, or, at present, members to be. We will try to give at least two months notice of future Annual General Meetings. Nominations of committee, in future years, should be advised to the Hon. Secretary in advance of the advertised date of any future Annual General Meeting.


The committee may co-opt other persons to the committee, if they provide valuable additional input during the course of any year. Members so co-opted must stand down, or seek election, at the end of that committee year.


Role of Chairperson/s:


Contact, and spokespeople, for the Group; keep meetings fair,

unbiased, and on time.


Role of Treasurer:


The Treasurer will hold the cheque book; keep receipts and record all income and expenditure of the Group. Treasurer will prepare accounts each year, for presentation to the full general election meeting of members, and will arrange for their independent audit. All expenditure of the Group will require two of three officers to sign the cheque: The Chair/s, Treasurer, and/or Hon. Secretary


Role of Secretary:


Minute taking and presentation.Assistance with letter writing and organising meetings/venues.


Role of Membership Secretary:


To keep track of members, and ensure they are kept informed of meetings or other matters relevant to the Group.




The Group proposes to:


1.Hold quarterly meetings for members; for feedback discussions, reports of progress made by the committee, and to hear new proposals and ideas from committee and members.


2.Invite and consult, when relevant, special interest groups (sports clubs; wildlife groups; garden experts etc.) when thought necessary by committee.


3.Keep informed local people, schools, businesses, sports clubs, other organisations, of our activities, and to try to maximise involvement.

4.Hold events to canvass opinion on projects under consideration, and to raise their awareness.


5.Produce a newsletter of Group activities at intervals to be decided by the committee.




The Group wishes to:

1.Provide mutual support to all involved.

2.Ensure the Group is inclusive and representative of all community and park users.

3.To keep everyone informed of meetings, and invite members to work/help in those areas they feel comfortable with.

4.Ensure, if we can, that decisions are reached by consensus.


5.Do our best to encourage all members to take part in making decisions, choosing projects, and in participation.




After discharging any liabilities of the Friends, the remaining assetsshall be given to some other voluntary organization having similar objectives to, and controlled by, similar rules to those of the Friends.


Constitution presented to the inaugural AGM on 18th October, 2011.

© Friends of Manor Gardens & Gildredge Park 2011 - 2013 Designed by Kirsten Hepburn



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