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Planting Bee Bed

28.11.2012 The planting of the Bee Bed took place in Gildredge Park next to the Tennis Courts. It was a cool but lovely sunny day. Friends of the Earth came to give us a hand and with so many hands it was soon done. Friend of the Earth are working hard to create environments where nature do what it is best at. This is a small but important part to help and encourage the bees to do their important job of pollination – and give us honey of course. We look forward to work with Friends of the Earth in the future.

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Planting the Oak Tree in Gildredge Park.

23.11.2012 With thanks to John and Jan Seager a beautiful young 12 year old Oak Tree was planted in Gildredge Park near the Tennis Courts. Despite a grey sky the rain held off for the planting. We look forward to seeing it coming to life in the spring. It will give joy to many people for years to come.

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Planting of the Sensory Garden

23.04.2012 Despite the rain the planting of the Sensory Garden was done today. Cllr Annabelle West, Mary Corran, Diane Quinton, Charlotte Stevens, Brian McGeary, Jennifer Butchers and Kirsten Hepburn worked hard with Parks & Gardens staff to get all the planting done in the morning. David Henry from Eastbourne Parks and Gardens were there to supervise us, as well as Simon Hurt also from Parks and Gardens, to record the event in pictures on their web site. See Picture Gallery for further pictures. All the rain should do the plants good so we have high hopes for the Sensory Garden this summer.

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This was reported with pictures in the Eastbourne Herald.


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Funding Received


08.02.2012 We have received an e-mail from Waitrose saying that they are sending us a cheque for £200 which is our share in the January in-store collection. It will take 4 to 6 weeks for the cheque to arrive.


08.02.2012 We have now had confirmation from Cllr Annabelle West that we will receive £1537.00 from the Upperton Devolved Budget Fund. We chose to spend this on the replanting of the Sensory garden and the provision of a ‘friends’ bench in Manor Gardens.


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This has been placed in the Lilli Pond area.


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